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VRXS-116 Defecation Restaurant Shinkai

VRXS-116 Defecation Restaurant

Welcome to Burry's [Breeze], a defecating family restaurant that prides itself on its shit! Salads with enema dressing, original shit curry with a choice of smells, pee drinks to moisten your throat, pussy jellies full of pussy juice, banana cherry ana mode...our carefully selected menu is full of freshness and is served right before your eyes! Our cute waitresses will welcome you with loving service!

Cast: Makino Eri, Iida Seiko, Shinjou Minami, Tomimoto Sachiko, 牧野絵里, 飯田せいこ, 新城みなみ, 富本祐子

Date: June 10, 2024

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