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SR095 6 Multi view cameras captured beautiful flight attendants farting and pooping Part-1

SR095 6 Multi view cameras captured beautiful flight attendants farting and pooping.

CA… It’s a job to provide passengers with a comfortable air travel experience with outstanding hospitality. Contrary to her dignified appearance, the way she releases the farts and poop that she has accumulated in the air while busy with her work is obscene and artistic, truly first-class luxury.
– The full shot from diagonally upwards shows her giving birth to poop with an elegant appearance and an ecstatic expression. This is the CA’s hospitality spirit.
– The other full shot from diagonally downwards in front has been considered a classic since ancient times.
– The trajectory of the poop falling into the water as it approaches us (fallen angel angle).
– The beautiful Japanese traditional figure of a woman defecating while sitting on a Japanese-style toilet. (beautiful back angle) shows her beautiful and lustrous back like porcelain.
– Landing angle allows you to look down and enjoy the poop landing on the toilet from her beautiful buttocks.
– Targeting only the anus, the opening and closing of her usually demure anus is just like a jet engine. (large anus angle)
The way they spread their legs boldly is like an airplane gliding down the runway, and it’s a stark contrast to the way they behave gracefully. The sexy excretion of the flight attendants straddling the world and the toilet will take off on schedule, so don’t miss it.

Date: June 9, 2024

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