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My wife shits in to my mouth with wastedwetness Dirty Lesbians

My wife shits in to my mouth with wastedwetness Dirty Lesbians [UltraHD/4K / 2020]

This three minute clip starts with me holding on to my wife’s arse cheeks, waiting with anticipation for her shit to emerge. I spread her arse cheeks apart, giving me a better view of her arsehole. As she starts to push.Hear the crackling noise which makes me so wet! Her arsehole opens, becoming wider. See and smell her amazing shit. I want it so badly. Want to taste her shit. Push my finger inside her wet pussy. Feel the hard shit thats inside her arse, edging it’s way out.

Push it and it starts coming out. Lean forward and lick the dark, hard shit thats protruding from her arsehole. Licking around her tight rim, it’s coming out further. I open my mouth, quivering for her shit. As it drops down in to my open mouth, she pisses a little on my chest. As her warm piss trickles down my chest I enjoy the taste of her warm, hard shit. She continues pushing and another piece appears. Start to lick the second piece of shit whilst the first piece is still in my mouth – on my tongue. Completely overwhelmed, First piece out of my mouth with my fingers and lean forward to lick the piece of shit that my wife is currently pushing out. She moans with pleasure. Take the piece of shit out with my fingers.

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Date: March 26, 2020