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JG-556 Maho Kawanishi Close-up Poops at her Home PART-1

JG-556 Homemade close-up photography and self-portraits over several days. Maho Kawanishi poops at her home.

Close-up coverage of excretion at the home of that very popular amateur! A simple project post that was unlikely. This time, we had a close interview with Satsuki Suganuma, who is fair-skinned, slender, and has big breasts. Satsuki, who is a little shy, has a hard time taking selfies because she is not used to it. She seems to have a favorite band these days, and she even took a photo with me at a hotel during a road trip. The beautiful pure white ass and the beautiful poop coming out of the slightly pink beautiful anus are sure to catch your eye. Even though she is clumsy, watching her talk to the camera makes me feel like I am with her and I can’t leave her alone. Please enjoy this work, which is filled with the charm of “Sugatsuki Suganuma-chan”.

Date: February 2, 2024