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BIRTHDAY CAKE (PUKE): I eat a shitty cupcake!

BIRTHDAY CAKE (PUKE): I eat a shitty cupcake! with Ninounini VIP Scat

I will introduce you to the ingredients briefly, then start working on my shitty cupcake recipe. In the meantime, I will lay my huge turd, which I will suck languidly, and which I will use to make a shit mask on my face and hair which will remain until the end of the video. Don't worry, there will be plenty left for our cupcakes! The naughty that I am will not be able to help flouring my ass, face and spilling milk everywhere. For your greatest happiness.The 4 large cupcakes are in the moulds, ready to be baked! I put them in the oven and during the cooking time I will play a little with my big ass. I cover it with shit to come and shove my big dildo in my ass, I even fist myself at one point! darryl dowe pukes
I light the candles and I'm going to put them out by pissing on them! They will thus have a little taste of piss when I taste them. So I do a huge and very long pee that will allow me to successfully extinguish all my birthday candles! I unmold them and then begin the tasting. I will eat 1 big shitty cupcake, and show you that inside, there is indeed good shit and by proving to you that I swallowed everything. I puke powerfully right after the tasting, I spread my puke on my head, then while sitting on the ground (with a view of my whole body, I will puke again on my body (a mixture of cupcake, shit and pasta eaten a few hours before? I get high to finish my ass and pussy in different positions. It was a wonderful birthday day!

Date: April 3, 2023
Actors: Ninounini