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Asshole Shh, Our Dirty Little Secret [FullHD]

Piss, Shit, Olive Oil and Golf Balls - Shh, Our Dirty Little Secret - Fuck The Shit Out Of Me [FullHD]

In this clip Slave Julia is on the spanking bench to receive a punishment enema, a special olive oil and golf ball enema. This gets really messy and take a hilarious turn when one of the golf balls gets stuck in her ass and I have to go in after it. Don’t worry, gravity and a large meal forced it out an hour later saving Juicy Julia a very embarrassing trip to the ER to have it removed. This video has it all, piss, shit, smearing, enemas, weird insertions, dirty talk, floggings and more. It is a lot of messy fun for a cheap price.

I love the taste of piss, especially mine, it makes me so horny. In this video I take a piss standing up, wipe with my hand and lick the sweet piss off my fingers. It makes me horny being such a filthy slut so I grab a big dildo and fuck the shit out of my asshole, literally. Each time I ram the dildo into my dirty shit hole it comes out covered in shit. I smear it all over my ass, use the dildo to force the shit back in my nasty asshole and I even jack the shit covered dildo off while dreaming it is YOUR shit covered cock.

Getting horny and nasty in the bathroom here. I suck on the dildo all slobbery and wet, asking you to please fuck me in the ass. I straddle the toy all naked and let it slide into my ass. It get’s shit smeared just how it should. Enjoying the smell and the sight, I begin to suck the dirty dildo. I gag on it and make an even bigger mess all over it. There is shit stuck in between my teeth, in my throat and on my nose. It’s so cute. I know I am the perfect girl that you would want your parents to meet.

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Date: June 4, 2020